I have several applications available that enhance operation and management of IT infrastructure. These tools are available to small business at no cost with pay-as-you-go support available, and for a nominal fee for larger organizations.

Universal Login Script

A login script is the one piece of technology that touches everyone in your infrastructure. It must, therefor, be robust, reliable, flexible, and fast - hallmarks of the Universal Login Script!

The ULS is a compiled application that uses a simple configuration file to define all of the login requirements - mapping drives and printers, displaying notices, and running commands. It can be extended with your own code, loading live as a module into the script. The ULS is fast - so fast that we had to add an optional delay so you can see what it did. One customer that uses the script makes over 800 resource mapping decisions and completes all mappings in under 7 seconds. Companies with a global infrastructure use the ULS with just a single configuration file, easily handling mapping requirements of regional offices around the world, and even provide alternate mappings for D/R functionality.

The ULS is fully documented with a 70+ page User Guide that explains every option and detail and provides a wealth of examples. 

This application is free to use for any organization with 1 to 2 domain controllers, and is priced accordingly for sites with 3-5, 6-10, and 11+ domain controllers. The package can be downloaded and installed freely. For large organizations that wish to test the ULS, running it manually after logging in (\\domain\netlogon\kix32.exe \\domain\netlogon\kixtart.kix) will run as if fully licensed and without restriction. It will simply exit silently when invoked during the login process if not licensed.

Download the Universal Login Script