I've always enjoyed building things, but until recently did not have a proper shop. Pulling power tools out of the shed, setting them up on a folding table and putting them away before the rain came (always in the middle of a project!) dampened the experience. A few years ago, however, we took down the large pool and inadequate shed and my wife suggested that I build a proper workshop. 

We took a ride to the local "big box" store and looked at some of the sheds they had on display. We felt that the 12x16 foot size would be adequate, but weren't impressed with the value - over $3000 and built with 2x3's on 24" centers, no floor, no attic storage, and no shingles!  Armed with ideas, we laid out the area, launched the CAD software, and drew up a set of plans. I had a spreadsheet that generated a Bill of Materials from an earlier project, so I went about building the parts list. After spending about $2,600, I had a solid building - 2x4's on 16" centers, a 60A/220V breaker box, concrete footers, a full 2nd floor for storage, and - of course - shingles! 

I have enough room for an "L"-shaped workbench on storage cabinets, with a drop-panel for the miter saw. The Rigid table saw is in the center of the shop with a Craftsman 12-drawer cabinet customized as an outfeed and assembly platform. A Dust Devil cyclone with Harbor Freight dust collector parts and a custom air filter minimizes dust. Of course, technology isn't far away, so there's a 1G Ethernet line to the shop with a wireless access point and a media PC driving a 250 watt / channel amp. Nice for working and awesome for parties!