I've always enjoyed building things, but until recently did not have a proper shop. Pulling power tools out of the shed, setting them up on a folding table and putting them away before the rain came (always in the middle of a project!) dampened the experience. A few years ago, however, we took down the large pool and inadequate shed and my wife suggested that I build a proper workshop. I built a 12x16' barn-style shed with enough room to work efficiently.

In 2021, when we relocated to Toms River, the new home had a 2-car attached garage. At 20x20 feet, there's not only enough room for the tools, but to actually move around and manipulate full sheets of plywood over the table saw. Unfortunately, when we moved, my table saw was damaged beyond repair (wait - did I say "unfortunately"?) That was the perfect excuse to upgrade - a Harvey 4HP cabinet saw with 52" wing !

You can learn more about my shop if you would like. I'll also be posting about some projects in my blog.