The layout is constructed using a modular method, allowing me to build a set of standard modules that will bolt together to form the layout. Building the modules out in the woodshop keeps the dust and mess out of the house, and the maximum module size of 48x36 makes them easy to carry down to the layout room in the basement

The modules are cut from 1/2" plywood 3.875" high. Gussets are glued into each corner to keep the modules square, and strips of Masonite are placed along the bottom long edges to improve rigidity. Once the modules are connected together, they will be covered with 1/4" plywood, which will provide the base for foam board scenery and mounting of turnout controls.

The letters A-F represent the standard size modules that are 48" long. The "X" modules represent the odd sized modules and the two modules with non-rectangular shapes. The wall where X4 is placed is angled due to sewer pipes in that location.