My experience with model railroading started as a child with the layout my parents built. Revell and Gilbert HO were the norm of the day, and finding an MRC ControlMaster V transistor throttle at a flea market was top notch! I got hooked on prototype modeling during high school and was attracted to the Great Northern. Great style combined with awesome scenery had me hooked.

Great Northern HeraldI still model the Great Northern and have designed a layout to fit my available space by "layout-bashing" some of my favorite designs that were published over the years. As I find time to complete sections, photos will appear here, along with some of the projects that others might find interesting. My technology background definitely comes into play as I was an early adopter of DCC, run JMRI to catalog my equipment and program decoders, and have built C/MRI modules using Arduinos to control turnouts, signals, and even simulate sending train-orders to LCD displays at various stations and interlocking plants.

Be sure to check out my Heralds library - these are all hand-drawn high-resolution and cover several dozen roadnames, with others being added regularly.

A Model Railroading hobby requires storage, and lots of it. cars offline, unbuilt kits, and more. Don't even get me started on magazine archiving! Having a complete wood shop helps, so take a look at this Woodworking Blog article on building a model storage cabinet. When its finished, it will hold my entire collection of some 250 freight cars, 15 passenger cars, and some 32 engines, along with several unbuilt structure kits.

Coffee, anyone?

Planning and operating a railroad requires lots and lots of coffee, and it tastes best in your favorite railroad-themed mug! Click the mug and see if your favorite road is available! Custom mugs are available, from simple personalization to full custom artwork for your favorite prototype or freelanced road.

GN GP7 Mug