Great Northern HeraldLocomotive Roster

This loco roster spans the mid-1940's through 1959 time-frame. Most of the GN steam had been retired by the mid-1950's, so I run these mostly for excursion services or have an operating session based in the 1950-1952 era. All are equipped with DCC/Sound decoders, most are Soundtraxx Econami or Tsunami-II, although there are a few OEM modules as noted. Engines noted as "custom painted" were painted by me. There are two locomotives from other railroads that participate in interchange traffic. The 0-4-0 from Tyco was given to me with a Dremel set on my 14th birthday. Some 47 years later, it's been stripped, re-motored, detailed, and re-geared with NWSL gearbox and will re-enter service lettered for a (fictitious) terminal railway company. Photos represent active equipment, and some are links to a pop-up image with better detail.

Class Road Name Road Number Vendor Notes Photo
E7 Great Northern 502A P2K #920-40960 OEM Decoder


FT  Great Northern 426 A-B + C-D Stewart #691-5065

Two Drawbar Linked Pairs
Power+Sound, Dummy+Sound

FT A-B #426

F7 A Great Northern 307-A,C Intermountain #49009   F7 #307A, 307C
F7 B Great Northern 307-B Intermountain #49509   F7 #307B
F7 A Great Northern 364-A Intermountain #49009 OEM Decoder


F7 B Great Northern 268-B Intermountain #49509   F7-B #268
MotorCar Great Northern 2023 Spectrum #81407  


GP7 Great Northern 654 P2K #920-23242  


GP9 pII Great Northern 707 P2K #920-23608  


GP9 pIII Great Northern 728 P2K #920-23608  


GP20 Great Northern 2013 P2K #920-31906 OEM Decoder


NW2 pI Great Northern 114 Kato Custom Painted, Full Handrails In the Paint Shop
NW2 Great Northern 156 ConCor Proto-2K Chassis, Custom Painted & detailed

NW2 Ph2 #156

NW2 Great Northern 160 BLI OEM Decoder


NW5 Great Northern 187 3-D Print, PNW Proto-2K Chassis, Custom Paint & details
Full Handrails
Under C onstruction
NW5 Great Northern 192 3-D Print, PNW Proto-2K Chassis, Custom Paint & details
Original Handrails
Under C onstruction
RS1 Great Northern 182 Atlas/Kato   RS1 #182
SD7 Great Northern 552 Hallmark Custom Painted


SD7 Great Northern 568 P2K #920-08014  


SD9 Great Northern 579 P2K #920-21190  


F7 Great Northern X-#### Bachmann Rotary Snowplow Power Unit (RSPU),
Intermountain Shell
Crane Great Northern X530 Walthers DCC, no sound  
C1 0-8-0 Great Northern 817 PFM Tenshodo Custom Painted

C8 0-8-0 #817

H7 4-6-2 Great Northern 1375-84 PFM Tenshodo Custom Painted In the Paint Shop
H7 4-6-2 Great Northern 1375-84 PFM Tenshodo Unpainted Brass In the Paint Shop
O7 2-8-2 Great Northern 3379 PFM Tenshodo Factory Paint in E-B Scheme

O8 2-8-2 Great Northern 3397-99 Sunset/Samhongsa Unpainted Brass In the Paint Shop
S1 4-8-4 Great Northern 2555 PFM Tenshodo Factory Paint


0-4-0 Pacific-Western Terminal Ry. 4 Mantua/Tyco Custom Road, Custom Paint & Details Under C onstruction
GP9 S. P. & S. 154 Athearn OEM Decoder


RS18 Canadian Pacific 8761 Rapido OEM Decoder



Photo Rig

I built this rig to take photos with my phone. The track is glued to a piece of plywood that was beveled and painted with gray primer, then glued to a piece of 1x6. The legs extend Photo Rig - Click to enlargeout the back and are grooved to accept a piece of bright-green foam-core board, creating a "green-screen" that can easily be eliminated in a photo editor. The long stick has marks for alignment so that at normal zoom, the camera sees only the track width, and the lens is centered on the track at a height roughly at the centerline of an engine or car height. To take a photo, I center the engine(s) on the track, select camera mode and place the phone in the cradle. I set the focus spot on the center of the engine and snap the picture. Flash is set to automatic. The result is consistent illumination and sizing.