This represents the entire 16x30 foot space, with the crew lounge at the top. There's a couch that faces a wall unit with cabinets below and shelves above. The cabinets provide plenty of space for rolling stock and unfinished kit storage, while the shelves display my collection of lanterns, mugs, and books. I built two 5-shelf stair-step lighted displays to showcase motive power when it's not on the layout. Most track represents my interest in Great Northern, with black representing the main, purple the industries and sidings, and dark teal for the yards. I have interchanges with two other railroads - red representing Canadien Pacific, and green for Spokane, Portland, and Seattle. The CP line extends into the crew lounge, the end of which is a DCC programming track. The layout control computer (J/MRI / C/MRI) is located on the bottom shelf on the left side, just to the left of the electrical panel.

This image was created using the Inkscape drawing application and shows the entire room area including the crew lounge. If you click on the image, the actual design created in AnyRail-6 will be displayed, which will be slightly more accurate and show some minor differences based on using correct parameters for all turnouts. 


Wall Unit Storage





Crew Lounge Area









CP Interchange










Engine Terminal






SP&S (far right)





Removable section









Vertical Storage













Continuous Run